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GW is an agency specialised in developing concepts, managing cost effective projects and executing powerful work products and events.

GW aims to create change. From the belief that most things can be done in a smarter, more sustainable and more appealing way. That action speaks louder than words. And that evolution doesn’t come when following traditional approaches, but by going down new paths and taking wrong turns.

Although not limited to fashion, fashion clientele and fashion-related themes form a red line in GW projects.

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GW realises short and long-term projects on assignment as well as own initiatives.

  • Concept Development
  • Project Management
  • Event Production

  • Brand Activation
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations


Consultancy has become a core GW activity. Founder Holly Syrett has worked with diverse clients such as festivals, small fashion brands and even musicians, helping in brand strategy and differentiation, PR, sponsoring and out-of-the-box market approaches.

Services are tailored to clients request and can for example vary between one-off brainstorm sessions to bi-monthly meet ups.



Purpose Day

Purpose Day – a day where individuals and organisations are stimulated to reflect on their purpose within their business endeavours – took place for the first time on November ’17 at Impact Hub in Amsterdam. GW Agency worked with De Droomfabriek – who offer courses and purposeful training – to develop the concept and execution of Purpose Day, from sourcing the location, to structuring PR and finding a media partner, developing the brand identity, realising an Award and producing the event!

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